7.1.2. Process for User-Supplied Targets

Process for User-Supplied Targets

Depending on the experiment, users may supply fully assembled targets or components that need assembly at LLNL. If the Campaign RI chooses to have the fully assembled target made elsewhere, then the target must:

• Match the drawings and descriptions provided in the Facility Proposal Form;

• Undergo a design review by NIF Target Fabrication;

• Pass hazardous materials and Target and Laser Interaction Sphere (TaLIS) reviews;

• Be safe to shoot without damaging the laser;

• Undergo NIF-approved cleaning; and

• Be metrologized at LLNL.

The materials and cleanliness of target assemblies for NIF are rigorously controlled to minimize possible damage to the laser optics from debris and to maximize the energy delivered to the target chamber by preventing contamination of the sensitive antireflective coatings used on lenses and other transmission optics. All target materials and assemblies that are proposed for use on NIF must be reviewed and approved before they may be used. They must also be cleaned by NIF- approved cleaning vendors using special processes that ensure compliance with NIF cleanliness requirements.

For new target designs, user-supplied targets must arrive at LLNL at least three to four weeks in advance of the experiment, unless it would not be detrimental to the target or experiment.
The User Office will connect the PI with the appropriate individuals to go over the design and perform the reviews.