3.2.1. Experiment Template for Reviews

Experiment Template for Reviews

The NIF experiment template is requested as needed, depending on the degree of variation of the planned experiment from those previously executed. When required, the request for the template is made either at the Pre-Review or Expert Group assessment gate based on how early preparatory work must commence. The template requests the following information:

1. Experiment Summary: This page includes summaries of the experiment purpose and goals as well as a brief bulleted summary of what is new.

2. Experimental configuration: A schematic drawing of the target is provided, including any shields, backlighter targets, or pinholes.

3. Laser requirements: The table provided in the template for laser requirements should be completed. The request should include all beams—drive, backlighters, and others. Drawings of shaped pulses (power vs. time) other than square or other standard pulses should be provided. Additional pages may be used if appropriate (e.g., one page for drive beams and one page for backlighters). This is only a sketch of the required laser power; the detailed laser parameters will be clarified and finalized at a later time.

4. Diagnostic requirements: Diagnostics requested for the experiment should be listed; for each diagnostic, priority and type (see Table 3-1) should be indicated. As with laser requirements, this is a first attempt at describing the diagnostic configuration. Diagnostic lines of sight and critical dimensions are also indicated. Facility configuration(s) suitable for this experiment should also be provided.

5. Target requirements: If the target will be fabricated by LLNL, a conceptual drawing of the target should be provided with sufficient information for NIF Target Fabrication to assess the cost and effort required for development, production, and fielding. The drawing should include dimensions and all materials to be used; it should specifically call out the use of any hazardous materials. If the target will be fabricated at another institution, that should be stated here instead. Note that the target will still need to be metrologized at NIF and potentially undergo expert group reviews. (See Section 3.3).

6. Additional information: If a new platform or configuration is being fielded, then additional information is needed three months from shot date:

  1. Experimental configuration (beams + target).

  2. Interference checks for unconverted light for the target.

  3. Beam and shroud interference checks for snouts if needed.

  4. Target drawing.

  5. List of target materials and mass.