10.1.2. Visitor Office

Visitor Office

The NIF Visitor Office supports frequent or long- term visiting experimentalists and researchers involved with the NIF facility and other related programs. This office will assist hosts and their visitors in navigating their LLNL visit. The Visitor Office will assist those visitors whose visits:

  • Are over 14 days in a calendar year;

  • Involve hands-on work or require data access; and

  • Have been approved by the NIF User Facility and/or program.

Invited speakers, seminar or conference attendees, consultants, and subcontractors are not served by the Visitor Office; they are instead served by the programs that host them.

For all relevant visits, the office serves as a concierge, coordinating badging, work authorization, office space, computer and IT requirements, training, and all other elements. The visitor’s host will notify the Visitor Office of the scheduled visit and the visitor’s requirements by submitting a NIF&PS visitor request form to the Visitor Office.