9.5. Cleanliness Protocol and Personal Protective Equipment

Cleanliness Protocol and Personal Protective Equipment

Safety and cleanliness are of paramount importance at the NIF site. Workers in operational areas of the NIF site must wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, and shirts with sleeves (no tank tops). Visitors should wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes with a non-tapering heel that are suitable for various NIF walking surfaces.

The cleanroom environments in B581 are maintained at the same level of cleanliness found in a hospital operating room. Extreme cleanliness is required at NIF because any bit of debris,
oil, or other wayward material could cause the laser light to damage the optics. There are clean construction protocol levels assigned throughout the facility to designate the degree of cleanliness and the operational behaviors required in that specific work area to achieve those cleanliness levels. The minimum requirement everywhere on the site is clean shoes and work clothes. Any tools and equipment must be wiped down prior to being brought into the facility. Additional training and cleanroom garb is required for accessing certain portions of the facility to minimize contamination.

Certain areas of the facility or activities may require personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a hard hat, safety glasses, or steel-toe shoes. All PPE must be in good condition and correctly worn. Areas requiring PPE are posted throughout the facility via Health Hazard Communication (HHC) signs located at the entrances to these areas. The PPE requirements posted there represent the minimum requirements for the area. A hard hat is required in the switchyards and target bays. Individuals performing work on-site are required to wear any PPE identified in the applicable work control documents.