2.6. NIF User Group

National Ignition Facility User Group

The NIF User Group provides an organized framework and independent vehicle for interaction between the scientists who use NIF and NIF management. The NIF User Group advises the NIF Director on matters of concern to users, as well as providing a channel of communication through which NIF users can interact with funding agencies and the public. The group represents the interests of the NIF users to NIF management to facilitate the availability and effective use of NIF for the broader research community.

The NIF User Group Executive Committee is a formal organizational unit whose members are elected by the members of the NIF User Group. They typically meet several times each year and communicate the needs and desires of users regarding NIF operating policies, use of NIF, user support, and other relevant issues of concern to those engaged in non-programmatic research at the facility.

A representative of the NIF User Group Executive Committee is invited to attend selected NIF management meetings where operational issues impacting users are discussed to ensure evaluation of user interests and the most effi and optimal utilization of the facility.

All scientists interested in using NIF are welcome to join via the User Group website. Annual NIF User Group meetings are held to which all members are invited.