10.4. Computer Access

Computer Access

Access to LLNL unclassified computer systems operated by Livermore Computing (LC) can be granted to LLNL collaborators and is governed by Department of Energy (DOE) and LLNL policies.

These resources include systems on the unclassified, restricted (yellow) network; foreign national unclassified (blue) network; and unclassified, unrestricted (green) visitor network. To be granted a computer account with access to unclassified resources, off-site collaborators must complete the LC Policies and Procedures form and the Livermore Computing Computer Security Briefing and complete the Create/Update of Open Computing Facility User Account and submit it to the LC Hotline.

Guest wireless is available on non-LLNL owned computers or personal electronic devices for all visitors and users during business hours while on- site in designated areas.

Access to NIF setup tools currently requires a virtual private network (VPN).