9.7.2. Access to Labs

Access to Labs

Access to NIF&PS laboratory space should be coordinated through the NIF User Office. Access requires the explicit permission of that lab’s Responsible Individual (RI). Any PPE needed to access the lab is identified on the HHC sign posted on the laboratory door. The RI will review this with the visitor prior to entry.

General access to laboratory space does not authorize performance of work. In order to conduct work in a laboratory, the work scope must be specifically addressed in an IWS, the authorizing document for work. In addition, all workers must be listed by name, read and sign the IWS indicating that they understand the hazards agree to stay within the specified controls, and complete all required training. Prior to conducting work, a pre-job brief lead by the RI or designee must also be completed.

NOTE: In order to be added to an IWS to perform work, visitors must be classified as a visiting scientist, or explicitly listed on a subcontract.