Appendix H: Definition of Facility Data and Experimental Data

Definition of Facility Data and Experimental Data

A. NIF Facility Data

NIF data consists of facility information regarding NIF capabilities, facility configuration, laser and optics performance, and facility operations relevant to user experiments, including:

  1. NIF laser, diagnostics, optics, data acquisition, data analysis, and other system capabilities.

  2. NIF facility configuration, including that of laser, target diagnostics, optics, hazardous materials handling, and other subsystems as appropriate.

  3. General information supplied to all users regarding conduct of experiments at NIF and roles and responsibilities of NIF staff and the user community.

B. NIF Experimental Data

NIF experimental data includes NIF target shot information relevant to analysis of data from NIF experiments, including:

  1. Shot-specific setup information for laser, target diagnostics, target, optics, hazardous materials, and other subsystems, including pre-shot target characterization information.

  2. All raw data obtained from target diagnostics and target systems.

  3. All processed data produced by the NIF data analysis systems for target diagnostics and target systems, including calibration data and analysis software.

  4. Interim data analysis products produced by scientists in the course of analysis of NIF experimental data.

  5. NIF analyzed data suitable for publication. This is generally the most accurate value of a particular measurement from a particular diagnostic that can be generated by applying the latest calibration parameters and analysis algorithms developed by diagnostic specialists.

  6. NIF data published in peer-reviewed journals.

C. Information Not Covered under this Policy

NIF facility data and NIF experimental data do not include:

1. All information regarding management of NNSA and other user programs at the NIF, including details of NIF operational budgets.

2. All information from pre- and post- experiment radiation hydrodynamic simulation of NIF experiments by LLNL or other staff, except as appearing in presentations or publications involving comparison of data with experiments.

3. Private, individual-specific analysis not required for analysis, presentation, or publications involving NIF data.