3.1.1. Proposals

The NIF User Office will assist in the formulation of discovery science proposals, including estimation of required resources. In addition to basic background information to be provided via a web-based form (https://nifpub.secure.force.com/), proposals should include the following:

  • Scientific discussion—Description of the purpose for the proposed experiment, the key scientific questions addressed, the proposed experimental method, the desired experimental platform, and the expected results.
  • Experimental feasibility—Description of how the experiment is uniquely suited to NIF and the feasibility of conducting the proposed work with NIF.
  • Scientific team—Descriptions of the researchers to be involved in the proposed concept development.
  • Required capabilities and resources—A short estimate of the capabilities and resources required within and external to NIF to execute the experiment.

All proposed experiments will also require a submitted written scientific justification describing the specifics of the proposed experiment.