9.6. Control Room Protocol

Control Room Protocol

Unescorted access to the main control room is limited to those on official business who have completed the required training. Uncontrolled access could result in distraction of operators or improper operation of equipment. Control Room Access Training (NP-0131W) provides protocols for working in the control room and communicating with control room personnel.

The control room operates in two modes: shot operations and nonshot operations. During posted shot operations periods, access to the control room is limited to shot operations personnel. Others are allowed entry only when approved by the Lead Operator (LO)/Shot Director (SD) on duty. During non-shot operations periods, access is authorized for those that have completed the training and have been granted access.

The SD/LO may allow the PI or designee(s) (at most one or two people) in the control room under the following conditions:

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) shall be identified during the preshot safe plan
    of action meeting and any personnel changes shall be approved by the SD/LO.

  • The PI may inspect target alignment, beam positioning, or diagnostic setup at appropriate operator stations during the shot cycle with SD/LO approval. However, the Lead Engineer shall not modify procedures or instruct operators to move or modify devices without prior SD/LO approval.

  • Upon completion of setup, the PI shall vacate the control room unless prior arrangements have been made with the SD. During the remainder of the shot cycle, the PI shall obtain SD/LO approval before entering the control room or before modifying procedures or system devices.

To ensure personnel and equipment safety, it is imperative that the control room system operators not be disturbed or distracted during shot operations. Experimentalists may have access to the control room to monitor/observe shot activities only with explicit, advance approval from the SD. With SD approval, the PI may be stationed in the rear of the control room to witness a system shot. During the shot cycle, the PI may only communicate directly with the SD. During countdown, the PI should refrain from any communication unless personnel or equipment safety is at stake. Experimentalists without control room access approval may wait in the Strategy Room or other nearby locations until completion of the shot cycle.

Experimental and diagnostic support staff may monitor radio communications during the shot cycle. Loan radios are available from the LO.