9.4. Accessing the Facility

Accessing the Facility

Access to the NIF site and buildings is controlled and limited to authorized personnel (see Figure 9-1). NIF access requires approval from LLNL and the facility manager and may require completion of web-based classes, including site access policies and safety training (see Section 10.5, Training). Upon completion of these courses and authorization of site access, individuals will be provided with an access control card. Personnel who have not completed site access training must be escorted on-site. Personnel must remain current in required training to maintain access, and additional training is required to perform work at the site. The NIF User Office, located on the first floor of B481, facilitates the site access process for visiting researchers.

Figure 9-1. General access areas of the Laser and Target Area Building are shown in orange. The areas of the facility shown in white (including the control room) require additional access levels and training. They also require personal protective equipment and clean construction protocol practices.

All workers who are current on the NIF Site Access training (NP0353-W or RW and NP0581- Tour) can escort as needed for work purposes. All escorting information can be found in the B581 Facility Safety Plan.