5.7. Timing and Fiducial Capability

Timing and Fiducial Capability

The NIF integrated timing system is a distributed system consisting of a master clock with a number of slave clocks located in different areas of the facility. It is based on a standard communications frequency of 155.52 MHz.

This system provides precision electrical triggers with <20 ps rms stability and <100 ps overall drift due to environmental conditions. Precision triggers are available for all diagnostics with independent delay control via computer control.

The fiducial system provides critical timing reference markers in the form of optical pulses throughout the NIF facility. The optical fiducial pulses are generated within the MOR and are distributed via fiber optic to the various areas of the facility. Optical fiducial pulses will be provided via fiber optic at 1.05 μm and 0.53 μm wavelengths (1w and 2w). In addition, electrical fiducial pulses derived from the optical fiducial pulse will be provided.